Our mission is

Supplying Your Demands from IRAN


What can we do for you?

Comprehensive Assistance

Exporting a vast variety of products and services from Iran to anywhere on the planet based on your requirements, standards, and needs.

Supply Chain

Finding and supplying the most suitable products according to your requirements either based on price, quality, or any other element.

Representing you

Representing you in Iran on deals, negotiations, and partnerships with Iranian manufacturers to the extent of your best interest.

Finding convenient partners

Seeking suitable partners for your needs in Iran, providing a list of potential partners, and making investigations on candidates.


Repackaging products to make it more proper for your customer's desire and adding extra value to the commodities you purchase from Iran


Providing extra prospects on products, deals, and procedures within Iran and presenting unique opportunities to create valuable trades.

Why Iran?

Why trading with Iran can be extra beneficial for you?

Premium quality

The average quality of production on exporting goods is very high, especially on Iranian leading products like saffron, Persian rugs, food and beverages, fruits, handcrafts and etc.


Rial's exchange rate to USD, inexpensive workforce, and lots of other factors make producing goods in Iran cheap. therefore trading with Iran carries much better profits.

Extensive variety of options

Rich natural resources and Iran's unusual political status made its industries to manufacture new products extensively, so it causes numerous options.


Co-Plan business development group was founded on the basis of another company named Tehran-Code in 2016, we work in multiple industries like FMCG, logistics, online businesses, management and consultant services, advertisement, automation, and etc. the wide range of our clients, partners, and connections makes it possible for us to provide high quality, cost-effective products, and even services from Iran to anywhere in the world. we have a strong relationship with many Iranian manufacturers and suppliers. that is why we made it our mission to supply any demand from our country.

we try to be the eyes and ears of our customers abroad. we act on every request from our international clients with care and patience. we try to show the client every possibility available with a list of pros and cons on every option so the customer can choose carefully. we will be beside your side every step of the way and beyond to make your trades with Iranian businesses profitable and easy. Iran has a complicated market and if you be able to trade with its professionals you can make great deals for growing your business and our role is to make it easy and possible for you to trade with Iran businesses.